We are a New Delhi based company engaged in manufacturing of baking powder ingredients, mineral supplements and preservatives since 1981. We manufacture and provide the following products to food manufacturers across India, as under –

  1. Sodium Aluminium Sulphate (SAS)
  2. Mono Acid Calcium Phosphate (MACP)
  3. Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP)
  4. Tri Calcium Phosphate (TCP)
  5. Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate (SAPP)
  6. Mono Sodium Phosphate (MSP)
  7. Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (SAlP)
  8. Sodium Metabisulphite (SMBS)

At our FSSAI approved manufacturing facility in Bawana Industrial Area (Delhi), we follow stringent quality systems to manufacture high quality hygienic ingredients to give healthy and safe products to consumers. All our products are free from all extraneous chemical and biological elements. From raw material procurement to final packaging, we ensure that quality and efficacy is maintained at all stages of manufacturing.

Over 100 bakeries, including some of the biggest companies in India, are our long standing customers. Located at a major industrial hub in Delhi, the location also provides plethora of transportation options to our customers. 

We also manufacture products as per customer specifications, for bulk orders and long term contracts.